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Fanboys Episode 2:Part 1

Here it is folks! The long awaited second episode of Fanboys, now in episodic form! Today, Jonny gains strange powers while trying to get his 360 to play GTAIV.

    Cross Country Super Trip PSA

This week, Epic Default Productions takes you back to a simpler time, and shows you how to survive the CCST, the annual convoy to the Penny Arcade Expo.

Big thanks to Moe, and everyone on the trip for allowing us to do this. We’ll be shooting one of the episodes of Fanboys on it as well.

    Fanboys: Assasin’s Cede

On the premier episode of Fanboys, Jonny becomes an assassin, Anthony questions their friendship, Iron Man and Jenga for the Wii are reviewed at epic length, Mario Kart for the Wii is more compact, and we ask Olivia Munn the eternal question of…Really?