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Epic Default Podcast Live Stream

by on Oct.11, 2011, under Podcast, The Epic Default Podcast

Just a post to let you all know that tomorrow we will be recording the next episode of the Epic Default Podcast. WE will be talking about flash games and will introduce a new host for you all to make fun of, like I’m sure you do plenty of the rest of us already.

Be sure to come back here at 7:30 PDT tomorrow to watch the stream and join the conversation. Remember you can join the conversation in chat, by emailing us at epicdefault@gmail.com, or by tweeting us @EpicDefault

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Epic Radio Episode 7 Live Recording

by on Oct.07, 2011, under Epic Radio, Rants

We’re running a little late tonight, but it will be here soon

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Epic Radio Returns with a Guest and a Live Stream

by on Oct.06, 2011, under Epic Radio, Podcast

Epic Radio was/is a project of mine where I showcase a bunch of songs from cool people for you to peruse. As most of you know I’m a musician myself and a very big reason for me relocating to Seattle last year was to be living in a place that’s more conducive towards independent musicians. The fact that there is a big nerd music constituency has a little to do with it too.

Well a year later, my music is going very strong and a big reason for that was because of a couple of artists up here kind of taking me under their wing, tossing me shows here and there (an act I hope to pay back one day), and giving me general advice of being a musician in the Emerald City. One being the nerdcore hip-hop trio (I say that, because Bill Beats is awesome too) Death*Star, who you should all definitely check out. The other being my guest and friend tomorrow, Klopfenpop.

We’ll be hanging out, listening to awesome music, and discussing what it’s like to be a musician in the digital age. All this will take place tomorrow at 7pm PDT. If you want to join the conversation, ask questions of the great K-Pop, or just listen to some new music, come hang out with us on our U-Stream (which will be embedded here tomorrow night).

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