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The Looming Revolution, Prologue

by on Aug.31, 2009, under Braindump, Rants


I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic recently, which translates into “Settle in guys, here comes a long, semi-coherent rant.” The topic in question is Nerd Music’s place in the current spectrum of popular music, but more importantly, the chances of it, in some shape, becoming the next major cultural shift in mainstream music.

I can already hear some of you screaming at me through the monitors. Trust me, what you are screaming is not something I haven’t heard before when I bring this up. “It’s too niche,” or “Nerds are still outcasts, no one understands them enough to be mainstream,” are all valid points in a normal world, but also, all points brought up about the past musical shifts.

Here’s what the next few articles in this series are going to basically boil down to: I honestly think that with a little help, Nerd Music will be the next British invasion or Grunge-like movement. Take your pick. The fuel has been pooled in a nice little lake and all it needs is that errant spark to explode on the scene.

And I hope to god that I’m right because current music needs it.

(-Oh God! What is he on about now?!-)

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2D = Art / 3D = Science

by on Mar.11, 2009, under Braindump, Rants

This is sort of a hypothesis that I came up with spontaneously, but don’t worry, it’s got some nerd implications to it as well that you might find intriguing. I figured all in all this might be an interesting forum to discuss this topic. How about I throw out the argument with a few examples and we can discuss it on the forums?


(–Totally Selling Out The Forums–)

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LAN Parties: Part One of a short, tortured series

by on Mar.03, 2009, under Braindump, Rants

What follows is Part I of a twisted, part-story, part-history of a formerly prevalent form of gaming. Read on if you dare gaze upon the twisted face of what once was — or if you’re simply curious as to what PC gamers are rambling on about as you pass them by on the street refusing to offer spare change. Parts Two, and perhaps Three, are to come.

It is a phenomenon considered elitist to some, archaic to others, but to a select few, it is a way of life. I speak, as the title belies, of the LAN party – one of the geekiest known forms of entertainment by anybody’s reckoning. One may wonder why the standard-bearers of this institution carry on, even in the face of the MMOG and console multiplayer; indeed, when more prevalent and less expensive technologies become the norm, why would anyone persist with an outmoded, financially burdening form of the art? The deranged ramblings of an old man follow…

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